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    • 6 vCPUs
    • OS: CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu
    • 15 GB
    • 150 GB SSD
    • 3 GHz and higher
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    • 8 vCPUs
    • OS: CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu
    • 20 GB
    • 300 GB SSD
    • 3 GHz and higher
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    • 16 vCPUs
    • OS: CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu
    • 40 GB
    • 600 GB SSD
    • 3 GHz and higher
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    • 24 vCPUs
    • OS: CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu
    • 80 GB
    • 1200 GB SSD
    • 3 GHz and higher
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Designed specifically for HPC applications without impact from load spikes.


Experience better & optimized performance across workloads


Easily Upgrade/Downgrade your server on demand within minutes as per your business need.

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If you are still searching for the best hosting service providers in India or around the world, you would really get the best and reliable hosting services at an affordable price from We, at Climax Hosting, has been providing all sorts of hosting such as VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, Shared hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting at the cheapest price.  

Below are the key features of our exclusive data centers making us quite unique from other web hosting service providers in India and around the globe?

Benefits of Cloud Server.

Cloud hosting is extremely popular over the past few years. This is the latest form of hosting based on the divide and rule concept. With cloud hosting, you can host unlimited websites and provide required resources across the cluster of servers.

This also protects your website from any downtimes in case of a server malfunction.  Cloud-hosted sites automatically distribute the copies of data source across several devices to ensure all possible safety and security. A website that is hosted on virtual partitions also uses all possible resources such a disk space from the extensive network of physical servers.

Linux cloud having cPanel & WHM panels. All files on Linux cloud server are case sensitive. Choosing Linux cloud server depends on technologies which you develop your website or application.

Why Cloud Hosting is Reliable?

A website hosted on cloud servers offers businesses the capability to handle unlimited high traffic spikes. Your website doesn’t limit to one server. Even a cluster of servers is ready at every moment to provide all kinds of resources to your website. In case one server is not accessible, data can be retrieved from another server with no downtime. A website hosted on Linux shared hosting, on the other hand, is only limited to one server. The entire hosted domains share resources like RAM, CPU, etc from the single server.  Thus, Cloud hosting is more reliable than shared hosting.

SSH & Scripts & apache modules required Linux specific servers.

Our Exclusive Cloud Hosting Package Plans:

We provide the world’s cheapest cloud hosting package plans.  Our hosting plans are flexible for startups, big industries, and e-commerce organizations. The bronze hosting plan is available to buy at Rs 4550 per month. The silver plan is available for 5850 per month. If you have a big scale e-commerce industry, you can buy our Gold plan available to buy at Rs 6500 per month. For more space requirements and bandwidth you can buy the platinum package at Rs 9750 per month.   

For more details, you can go through our cloud hosting server package plans.

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