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    • CHDC-CC1
    • RAM: 15GB DDR3
    • IP: 1
    • Bandwidth: 1500GB
    • Linux Cent OS
    • 6 vCPU
    • HDD: 150 GB SSD
    • cPanel Accounts: 1
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    • CHDC-CC2
    • RAM: 15GB DDR3
    • IP: 1
    • Bandwidth: 4000GB
    • Linux Cent OS
    • 6 vCPU
    • HDD: 150GB SSD
    • cPanel Accounts: 5
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    • CHDC-CC3
    • RAM: 30GB DDR3
    • IP: 1
    • Bandwidth: 6000GB
    • Linux Cent OS
    • 12 vCPU
    • HDD: 450 GB SSD
    • cPanel Accounts: 5
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    • CHDC-CC4
    • RAM: 80GB DDR3
    • IP: 1
    • Bandwidth: 10000GB
    • Linux Cent OS
    • 24 vCPU
    • HDD: 1200GB SSD
    • cPanel Accounts: 5
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Finally, cPanel can also detect a failed service, and once it does, it automatically logs out and restarts the service. Its new version always includes DNS Clustering system that provides for a more robust and hassle-free performance.


Another advantage of using cPanel is also that it is compatible with different browsers. So, from Chrome to Safari to Internet Explorer, users will be able to run cPanel without any problem.

Access to numerous features

As mentioned earlier, cPanel is rich in features. These features and functions mainly allow users to manage their websites and hosting accounts with relative ease.

Ease of installation

cPanel is very easy to install. It always needs the Linux system requirement of a minimum of 20 GB available disk space, and at least 512 MB of RAM. Many of todayís computers will be able to meet such requirements.

Key Advantages of Buying cPanel Web Hosting

cPanel cloud is a widely-used web hosting control panel. So, based on the Linux operating system, it boasts of powerful features that yield a lot of benefits to its end users like web hosting clients and system administrators.

More than 20 years since its release in 1996, cPanel always remains very popular. So, this can be credited to its inherent advantages such as being user-friendly and features-rich. Indeed, a person doesnít also need to be tech-savvy in order to manage websites or servers using cPanel.

These characteristics of cPanel bring key distinct benefits to end users such as:

1. Ease of installation and use

2. Access to numerous features.

3. Compatibility.

4. Portability.

5. Reliability.

These key advantages of cPanel cloud also explain why this Linux-based control panel has remained very popular and relevant more than 20 years since its launch.†

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