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    • CHDC-USVPS-1
    • 2vCPU cores
    • RAM: 2GB
    • Storage: 30GB SSD
    • Dedicated IP: 1
    • UpTime: 99.98%
    • Port Speed: 1Gbit
    • Bandwidth: 400GB
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    • CHDC-USVPS-2
    • 2vCPU cores
    • RAM: 4GB
    • Storage: 80GB SSD
    • Dedicated IP: 1
    • UpTime: 99.98%
    • Port Speed: 1Gbit
    • Bandwidth: 600GB
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    • CHDC-USVPS-3
    • 2vCPU cores
    • RAM: 8GB
    • Storage: 120GB SSD
    • Dedicated IP: 1
    • UpTime: 99.98%
    • Port Speed: 1Gbit
    • Bandwidth: 1000GB
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    • CHDC-USVPS-4
    • 6vCPU cores
    • RAM: 12GB
    • Storage: 160GB SSD
    • Dedicated IP: 1
    • UpTime: 99.98%
    • Port Speed: 1Gbit
    • Bandwidth: unmetered
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Fast & Reliable Hosting

Our web hosting packages include ample RAM and Bandwidth capacity. Due to our fast and reliable VPS, cloud, Dedicated and Shared host server you can get your website faster and easily accessible for your customers anytime.

Full Root Access

With all VPS hosting of Climax Hosting you will get full root access.With each of our web hosting packages, we provide your website with 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

Data Security

Due to a dedicated support team and easy-to-use interface, you never face any sorts of obstacles during setup or server configuration. Still, if you face any kind of issues, our dedicated support team is available anytime anywhere.

24 X 7 Tech Support

We are available for 24X7 hours to provide our customers with real-time support. Our dedicated tech support team individuals have many years of experience handling all complexities faced by our customer anytime anywhere.

VPS Hosting?

When it comes to providing your business website with excellent security, stability, performance, and control, Virtual Private Server is the most recommended web hosting. VPS is usually a segment of a powerful dedicated server within the shared hosting environment. So, in technical terms, VPS is both shared and dedicated hosting.

What's the need for VPS Hosting?

If you are getting very high traffic on your website, you can rent dedicated servers. You also need to setup sever in a very specific way. But not everyone needs to have a dedicated server. If you have just established a startup business website, you can have shared hosting. In shared hosting, you only share a small bit of server with other users rather buying an entire server. In case you are looking for a dedicated server but not sure whether it is right for you, VPS hosting is the best option. VPS server works as same as VMware and Virtual Box. These programs let the users run multiple Virtual Operating Systems on a single machine. For instance, your computer is running on windows 7 but you can also utilize other Windows OS like XP, Linux without rebooting your PC.  

Benefits of VPS Hosting

      * Once you rent VPS server, you get one physical server. But you will be capable to run multiple virtualized Operating systems on that single physical server. Each virtualized server works like a dedicated server. So, you can acquire all possible benefits of dedicated hosting at a reasonable cost.  

      * From the VPS server, you can acquire the dedicated RAM around the clock which can't be shared with another host. You would have your own OS. It means only you can utilize your own instances of entire web server applications like Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc. You are also allowed to customize these applications as per your needs.

     VPS hosting offers users two approaches to manage the web server. One is Cpanel VPS hosting which includes optimized configurations for excellent performance and automatic backups as well as free Cpanel/WHM license. Second is Cloud VPS which offers sufficient RAM and CPU for additional control and speed.

Why Choose

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable web hosting server for your business website, you have reached the best web hosting platform. We offer the super fastest, secure and reliable Linux VPS server as well as dedicated, shared and cloud servers at cheapest price ranges. We are consistently improving our data centers in India and abroad to serve more customers in less time frame. Thanks to our dedicated support team providing our customers with the quickest and real-time support. 

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