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    • CHDC-WSH-1
    • Disk Space: 1GB
    • Domains: 1
    • FTP Account: 1
    • Bandwidth: Unmetered
    • Email Accounts: 5
    • Sub Domains: 2
    • Database: 1
    • Database Space: 100MB
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    • CHDC-WSH-2
    • Disk Space: 5GB
    • Domains: 1
    • FTP Account: 5
    • Bandwidth: Unmetered
    • Email Accounts: 5
    • Sub Domains: 5
    • Database: 3
    • Database Space: 100MB
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    • CHDC-WSH-3
    • Disk Space: 20GB
    • Domains: 5
    • FTP Account: 10
    • Bandwidth: Unmetered
    • Email Accounts: 50
    • Sub Domains: 10
    • Database: 15
    • Database Space: 500MB
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    • CHDC-WSH-4
    • Disk Space: Unlimited
    • Domains: 10
    • FTP Account: Unlimited
    • Bandwidth: Unmetered
    • Email Accounts: Unlimited
    • Sub Domains: Unlimited
    • Database: Unlimited
    • Database Space: 1GB
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Highest Uptime Guarantee

With our entire shared hosting package plan, we offer the highest Uptime Guarantee. Your website or blog is accessible to your targeted customers anytime anywhere. With our reliable shared server, your website remains up at most of the time.

Full Day Customer Support

Due to the fastest and easiest customer support channels, we are one of the most recommended web hosting service providers in India. Not just in India, but we also serve our clients in France, Germany, UK, and the USA.

Cheapest but Quality Features

However, cheap and quality hosting features can’t the complement of each other. But once you connect with, you can get the cheapest Linux/Widows shared-server with no quality compromise.

Maximum RAM and CPU Capacity

Choose the best and most appropriate Shared Hosting package which meets your business marketing need. Whether you need to extend RAM and CPU capacity of existing shared server

Windows Hosting?

Most of the small scale and startups business prefer shared servers to host their website. The reason, Shared hosting is affordable for all and you can get incredibly fast server and highest up time. Shared hosting is part of the whole server with secure and separate Cpanel. Users can rent a small portion of the web server and share all necessary resources like RAM and CPU etc to run website.

Shared hosting can be classified into two types. One is Linux Shared Hosting, and another is Windows Shred Hosting. Linux hosting supports PHP, MySQL and CMS platforms like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc. Whether your website has been coded on PHP or WordPress with MySQL database, Linux hosting is the option for you to host your website on the web server. On the other hand, if you have programmed your website on Asp.Net, Java back end technologies with Sql Sever front end, you should buy Windows shared hosting.

How to Buy Windows Hosting?

Before getting started with any of your recommended or preferred web host, you need to take care of the following

* Make sure the Windows shared hosting features available in the package like RAM and CPU capacity, expected monthly visits, SSL security certificates, and Emails and website backup and easy-to-configure, etc are exactly as per your business need. 

* Once crosscheck the Linux/Windows shared hosting package price with other web hosts. It would help you to know whether your recommended web host is providing shared servers at reasonable price and features or not.

If you are getting any kind of hassle while availing the Linux/windows shared hosting as per your need, you can call anytime. Our tech-savvy experts are with us to help you offer the best possible services and support.

Benefits of Our Windows Shared Hosting Package:

Our Windows shared hosting packages are flexible for all sorts of business. Whether you are a blogger or small business owner, our entire shared hosting packages are affordable by all means

Call us anytime to get Linux/windows shared hosting package at the price worth in your budget. We are available for serving around the clock services and support.

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